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The finish on a timber floor is deigned to achieve 4 major objectives, they are: -

1. Preservation and protection of the timber itself.

2. Surface characteristics.
    -Sport floor coating products such as Axiom Sportcoat OMU are designed to meet the requirements of indoor sporting activities.
NB: If activities such as, dances, assemblies, etc; are contemplated then additional treatments are required.

3. Appearance.

4. Ease of maintenance.
    -Proper initial treatment ensures that routine maintenance, which must occur, will be minimized. The major source of wear to any floor surface is foreign material tracked into it from outside. Careful attention must be place on the exclusion of dust, dirt and grit from the building. Adequate matting must be place in all entrance areas to trap dirt and grit before it gets to the timber floor. In a gymnasium normal activity in approved footwear will cause little damage to the floor coating but dirt and grit can cause severe damage in a matter of days.

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