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Complete Floor Restoration

Total re-sand, re-line mark and re-seal of a 3 court stadium. The 2100M2 multipurpose sports floor was totally re-sanded, re-sealed and re-line marked in under 3 weeks.

Axiom Sport Floors have the ability and resources available to undertake large projects whilst working with the client to minimize the downtime for the facility

Floor Restoration

Due to flooding, the floor below was totally replaced with a new system introduced by Axiom Sport Floors primarily being Northern Beech strip timber, over 19mm ply on 45 Degree, over continuous 6mm underlay.

The strip timber is secret nailed and glued to the plywood which provides superior strength and stability whilst aiding in producing an even ball bounce across the whole surface.

Floor Restoration

Northern Beech was selected as it is readily available and exhibits a 9 - 9.5 hardness rating compared to the current more commonly used Vic ash which has a 4.5 rating.

The continuous 6mm underlay provides a suitably well cushioned effect with superior even ball bounce.

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