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Axiom Floors, after many years of research and development, promote our own labeled products targeted specifically at the sport floor industry.

  • Axiom Sportcoat Oil Modified Urethane specifically formulated for durability, “grip factor” and ease of application.
  • Axiom Gymcoat water based urethane exhibits low odour, excellent grip, ease of application with minimal downtime for facilities.
  • Axiom Sportclean is designed for use by means of auto scrubber or mop and bucket. With a neutral Ph Axiom Sportclean ensures a thorough clean of your facility without harming the sport floor coatings. Axiom Sportclean is also an exceptional spray and wipe product.
  • H2O Dustreat is a specially formulated water based emulsion for dust mops. Contains no petroleum distillates to dull floors or leave a slick film that can cause slip or re-coating problems.


Furthermore, our staff is experienced and ready to offer advice and assistance. If there are any doubts or special requirements, please consult our company.

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